We think WordPress should be considered when creating a new and engaging website. WordPress has moved with the times with great functionality and allows for creativity.

Although we do not want to move away from structured design principles.


To start things off we should cover how WordPress started. The platform was created as a blogging Content Management System that allowed users to create a simple website for blogging. This would allow for a simple layout mainly based on content stacked on top of each other within one content block and the user would scroll down through the text, image, text and then image. The simple and user friendly CMS made WordPress popular worldwide.


Moving on to today, WordPress has moved forward considerably. With the help of plugins and themes either purchased online and integrated into your website or bespoke themes and plugins that will be developed especially for your needs by a design agency. WordPress now is a great CMS platform that will allow the website owner to update content inline with their business removing the old hard coded static websites that only your developer would be able to update. Website designs can now be created inline with any new trends that will cater specifically for your business. This was not entirely possible 5 years ago and all WordPress websites would look similar without a great deal of functionality or design consideration.


Wordpress is now allowing for many businesses to create a website using their platform but with minimal design or development experience. We see this a lot with many websites we come across and the way they are designed. We think this is giving WordPress a bad name.

Today it is very easy for a small business to create an online prescience using either Wix, 1&1 site builder, Shopify or Squarespace. These platforms are perfect for micro websites for a start up business with a low budget but will not provide the experience of design, UX, functionality and optimisation. This is where we see bad use of the WordPress platform.

There are agencies which will offer a very competitive price for a website using any of the above platforms and others including WordPress. The website will be based around a theme that will be purchased with restricted functionality. We then see the website poorly designed due to the restrictions offered by the theme template. Future updates are restricted due to the lack of development experience needed to keep your website inline with your business.

We often find these websites are hard to use for the end user with regards to website content updates. We think it is important to consider the ease of use when making updates to your website and using the CMS. This can not be considered by an of the shelf theme, which will make content updates to your website hard work and unenjoyable.


Creating a website that works for you is the main priority. This includes the front end where potential customers will clearly engage with the website and the website will offer all the information that is relevant for your business. Getting the design and functionality right is a priority.

The CMS is also a very high priority. The CMS should not be complicated and when developed correctly will be simple and efficient for the user to update the website accordingly. Don’t forget WordPress is a “Content Management System” allowing for a user with no coding experience to be able to update the content on the website.

If a WordPress website is developed correctly it will allow for future updates to the design. Functionality should not be restricted, we understand business changes and your website will need to change along with it. Having a bespoke design and developed website will allow for these updates.

Here are a few other considerations that will need to be addressed when creating a website but will not come with a purchased template or theme:

i. SEO
ii. Optimisation
iii. Speed
vi. Search Console
v. Analytics
vi. API Keys
vii. Responsive
viii. Brand consistency


We have been using WordPress for over 5 years and have seen the changes over that time. We like how it enables us to create bespoke designs whilst utilising the CMS.

Unfortunately with the functionality updates and ease of use we are not happy with the amount of poorly designed WordPress websites based on a purchased theme available today. We feel this is discouraging others from using this platform as the final design is of poor quality.

We would like to advise that WordPress is by far the most effective CMS available and if designed and developed correctly will be a joy to use for both the admin and users.